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I'm just some guy who's been on the web a long, long time. Well, since its modern beginning, I suppose, in 1994. For example, I wrote and still maintain ("maintain" in the sense of "not maintain") the web's first page devoted to explaining the Monty Hall Problem. That's why it looks like it's the 1990's version of the web - it is.

I'm a native New Mexican - born in Albuquerque, where my family is from, and grew up in the small town of Portales. I've lived in numerous places since, with longest stints in Austin, Texas and Albuquerque. I attended St. John's College, and very proud to call myself a "johnny", and will talk about the school until you want to sew my mouth shut. Don't get me started.

I'm on the Net. And privacy considerations.

You can find my detritus all over the 'net - as a johnny, I naturally love discursive interaction and investigation and therefore I've been yakking with people about stuff from the old days of CompuServe through 90s on USENET and the 00s on the web. I usually go by my full name, or kmellis, or if with some other name, then I'll make my true identity easily available. I feel strongly about accountability in this regard; at least my own. As such, I have a huge 'net footprint in which I have revealed pretty much everything there is possibly to know about myself. That's not an invitation for you to go digging - it's there if you have a good reason to research. Otherwise, it's just being nosy. We can't put this Internet privacy problem genie back in the bottle; instead, we have to change our cultural norms to carve out expectations of privacy in the Internet context. Like we do with publicly-viewable documents about people at the local courthouse, or someone else's mail sitting on the table, or evesdropping outside a window. Privacy isn't inherently protected by technology, it's mostly protected by social custom. Out of necessity. Google people - google me - but only if you have a good reason and if you feel you're reading something that maybe isn't your business, stop reading. There? Isn't that easy? It's my own policy.

In any case, yeah, I have a huge public corpus out there. That's good and bad. If you make an effort, because you're really interested and, honestly, in this case I don't mind, you can find a bunch of stuff I've written on MetaFilter, a gem among web group blogs and discussion sites. But you'll have to figure out my two identities there on your own. Also, I'm not there anymore.

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You provide your own phone number and it will call you, then call me, and connect us. You can't see my phone number; unfortunately, I have to be able to see yours. Google Voice is cool. Like fezzes.